Thursday, 2 June 2016

Fasteners in the automobile industry

The way equipment works fascinates many. Yet most of the various parts are actually combined and connected to one another by means of various fasteners. As a result, it is interesting to note that fasteners have a very important impact on the automobile industry, as they can literally make or break it all. Bolts, nuts and grub screws are there to create new elements or parts in a machine. They are strictly speaking a key part of the foundation of machines as they have an impact on both manufacturing and engineering. While designing the engineer will need to take into account which fasteners will be needed so as to join parts of components together in a safe and effective manner.

Grub Screws or they are sometimes referred to, blind set screws, are often used. Rather than having a head like other types of screws, they have a hole. This hole comes in different shapes such as a hexagon, a square or star shaped. Grub screws are often used as safety holders. Grub screws are often used when there are parts which are connected to a shaft. This includes bearings, pulleys and couplings, for example.

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